good day, everyone who stumbles across this toot

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ROMAN SOLDIER: halt, strange person! where are you from?
TIME TRAVELER: i come from the future. what are your names?
ROMAN SOLDIER: my name is QUINTUS, as i am the fifth child in my family. my comrade is SEXTUS, for he was the sixth child in his family. what is your name?
ROMAN SOLDIER: [starts counting on his fingers as his eyes open in fear]

trying to pick my best writing for a portfolio makes me abundantly aware that I'm not sure what my best writing is. I'd ask friends to choose for me but I write so much, I don't have a single friend who has read All My Stuff lol. I'll ask them what they'd recommend, anyhow

Remote Writing Opportunity :boost_ok: 

@Creaturista okay, thank you!

Remote Writing Opportunity :boost_ok: 

@Creaturista Hi! I'm interested in this! I checked out the info and it looks like something that'd work for me. Do you know what they're looking for with 3+ years of writing experience? I've been writing for longer than that, but most of it has been fanfiction, and I don't know if that'd be OK to link.

trying to be more active here but it's Difficult when none of my friends are here 😔

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(White) Americans gotta get used to the fact that saving the world means we have to lose. It means maybe we don't get to have smartphones and VR until we can have them fairly and sustainably. It means not everyone is going to have a car, it means having seasonal food again, it means smaller houses and no more lawns and eating meat only once a week.

To save the world, those of us with more *have* to get used to having less. And we have to, have to, have to stop abusing brown people to have what we do have.

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Here's a link to a cracked #spotify app download with free premium (android only):

If your phone says it's "corrupted," uninstall your existing spotify app and try again

And on desktop, uBlock Origin (among others) will skip all the ads as long as you're using the browser version at rather than the desktop app

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When you buy vegetables like pak choi, you are buying a plant. So treat it like a plant. Don’t dump it in the fridge where it’ll wilt after 3 days. Put it in water where it can stay alive and healthy for weeks.

Eventually roots will start to grow. After you strip off the outer leaves for your dinner, leave a few of the tiny inner leaves. You can then plant it and leave it to grow back.

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me in 2008: there is only one solution. produce so much utter garbage, so much complete ridiculous nonsense, that your data is actively unusable by ad and marketing campaigns

machine learning: hold my beer

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Currently in Seattle, there is a call this year to collect supplies. Check out how you can help here:

help I've been away for so long I don't know how to use mastodon anymore

a horror story: when your boss talks shit about other employees but is nice to them in front of you. he's always nice to you, you think.

hi, I'm moxie. I'm a writer.

I have liked mastodon in the past and would like to use it more. I run for me & my friends.

I love the lego movies & shows.

I'll have a better introduction at Some Point

welp, I'm using mastodon again, after MONTHS of paying for this instance and not using it.

-changed accounts
-oh shit mastodon has polls now


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